Slush Singapore Masterclass
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90% of startups fail. How can your startup be among the 10% who survives (and even thrives)?

Slush Singapore organises Masterclasses together with community partners who will be sharing on topics that aren't usually covered by the tech ecosystem. We will tackle together issues like Branding , monetization strategy, recruitment and leadership, and sales, and their impact on your product strategy, company culture, and your bottom line.

Who are the Masterclasses for?
For founders who want to learn things they’re not already good at.

We want you to come learn about things you’re not doing on a daily basis, that you’re not an expert at and that you don’t understand. This is your chance to ask stupid questions about areas you’re not familiar with. Why? You may not be personally working on these but you need to understand them to grow your business.

Does Slush team run the Masterclasses? Nope! Luckily we have our amazing partners and their experts to run each Masterclass. Every Masterclass will have different partners to make sure we bring you the best of the best.

Can’t wait to join - what happens next? Sign up for the Masterclasses! 50 startups for each session are welcome on a first-come-first-served basis so act quickly! Each Bootcamp requires a separate registration.